The 60-year-old diabetic patient has a severe periodontal disease situation on both the upper and lower arches.


It involves the extraction of all compromised elements and insertion of monophasic basal implants length 26 mm in the frontal group to reach the nasal plane’s cortices. In the posterior quadrants, we have opted to insert compression implants to obtain more excellent stability thanks to bone expansion and considerable primary strength received by simply screwing the implants.


The treatment time divides into two steps:
The first session has been removing all elements and inserted Basal and Maxifix Compressive implants with the application of a temporary prosthesis. After 75 days, it has applied the final prosthesis in metal-ceramic.


  • One-stage NSI Basal implants with machined surface ø3,6mm length 26mm
  • NSI Maxifix Compressive NSI ø4,1x 10mm for immediate loading


The patient’s aesthetical and functional problems have been solved in the shortest possible time in a practical, minimally invasive way with a guaranteed result despite the initial grave structural hygiene conditions.


This case has been successfully solved thanks to several linked factors:

1 – The dental surgeon ability

to plan and design the case by removing all the problematic elements, calculating the projection of the masticatory load, immediately restoring the patient’s chewing and aesthetic functionality with a temporary provisional

2 – The materials such as NSI dental implants

satisfied and obtained the optimal and reliable conditions to restore a widely compromised chewing and the aesthetic situation in a simple session.

Both Maxifix Compressive and Basal NSI implants guarantee primary stability ideal for immediate loading, with a guarantee of success thanks to the coils’ particular profile and self-threading. These can thread and anchor to the cortical and stabilize in the medulla with a simple atraumatic expansion which guarantees the absence of ischemic bone tissue.

They are also straightforward to bend to find the inclination of the occlusal plane and the insertion of future dental elements, ensuring maximum slant flexibility.

3 – A good and careful care in preparing the provisional

with particular attention to aesthetics and thinness of the connection edges of the seal on the abutments, this obtained thanks to the sterile disposable prosthetic kit supplied in the blister of the NSI implants.

Particular attention has been taken to distribute the chewing load, mainly to regulate the junctions and contact points in the final pose, balancing chewing in the best possible way, if possible, in a practical dynamic way.

With these three simple elements or work phases, the doctor can solve the patient’s problem in a simple, fast, atraumatic, and functional way without lengthening the time in unnecessary steps.

Impianto monofasico gestione estetico funzionale