Clinical Case

Immediate loading with One stage Maxifix Compressive

The case

The patient presented with a situation of fixed prosthesis compromised by infiltrations on natural elements.

The treatment

plan provides for the extraction of the compromised elements and the immediate loading


NSI One Stage Maxifix Compressive implants for immediate loading.

The target

To solve the patient’s problem both aesthetically and functionally function

Feature of surgery
MINIMAL INVASIVITY without post-operative pain

The target for max stabilization
Insertion of Maxifix Compressive implants by exploiting their shape and in particular by reaching the cortex.

The particular shape of the patented design of the one-stage NSI Maxifix Compressive implant allows safe folding and maximum respect of the gingival tissue in the short and long term.
The particular treatment on the neck allows limiting as much as possible the possibility of having peri-implantitis.

Temporary bridge for masticatory and aesthetic function stabilization
With the special sterile kit inserted in the blister pack of the one-stage NSI Maxifix Compressive implant, it is possible to
proceed immediately with the application of a temporary one.
This allows us to be able to dismiss our patients with the ability to eat and smile immediately.

with sterile plastic kit TO START WITH A DEFINITIVE WORK

The solution to the problem
Thanks to this one-stage Maxifix Compressive implant, the patient was able to solve his problem in one session.
This ensured a better approach to SOLVING PROBLEM with Simplicity and FAST