About us

“An entrepreneur imagines ways that do not yet exist and risks everything he has to carry out the projects that have the ambition to support a desirable evolution. Not only for the market, understood as an economic structure, but also and above all for the people who move, choose, consume, change their minds and progress in the market. With this in mind, Nicola Santolamazza and Inga Izbas have set up their work, their company, believing in their vision and – consequently – moving strategically so that starting from a single contact it could be possible to form a network of loyal professionals”

“Simplifying the work of dentists so that success is guaranteed in every clinical case: this is our Mission. Through the immediate loading technique we put personal care first. Each clinical case is important, it is not a question of grinding large numbers to the detriment of the validity of the service, but rather maintaining a sustainable work pace (for each professional) so that the quality of the result in each implant is optimal”

(Inga Izbas and Nicola Santolamazza)

NSI – Natural System Implant

was founded in 2009 by Inga Izbas and Nicola Santolamazza with the aim of producing advanced implants – rigorously Made in Italy – able to facilitate the work of doctors (from pre-operative to post-operative) with a zero risk and guaranteed success.

Research and design are the strengths of the company which, in line with its Vision thanks to the Evolution Clinic Masterclass, accompanies the doctors by offering them highly performing training with one goal: to achieve excellence in results, in any circumstance in which they find themselves operating and under any conditions.