Attention to detail and the connection between practicality and quality

With this premise we’ve started the Natural System Implant project

NSI is a company that not only designs and manufactures cutting-edge products, but also offers training for every specialist who will use the implants: its courses, in fact, are all customized for the effective needs of the doctors, so as to simplify the operation, the prosthetic treatment and the post-operative. For this reason we chose to offer only two diameters for mobile prosthetic rehabilitations, MINIFIX ø 2.4 for the lower and MAXIFIX ø 4 with a ball for the upper one. For fixed tooth replacement we suggest the single-phase MAXIFIX, very aggressive and with the anatomical collar for immediate loading and application of fixed tooth replacement in the post-extraction stages. For a traditional submerged procedure, NSI recommends a conical implant with a double diameter and a particular acid etching treatment of the entire surface of the implant and of cervical microthreads.

Certified high quality material

Thanks to certified American Titanium and to the mordanting treatment used for producing its implants, NSI allows professionals to deal with the most difficult cases with confidence, either due to quality or bone thickness. What’s more, the LIGHT implant, with its aggressive spirals and the one-drill-one-implant insertion system, enables excellent primary stability with progressive bone expansion and no trauma.