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Samdar Sami Abdulkareem
Libero professionista a Erbil (Kurdistan, Iraq)


Maxifix compressive P:
the NSI one-stage implant

a cura di NSI S.r.l.

Maxifix compressive P is a specific, single-body, one-stage implant designed to solve once and for all any prosthetic angle problem for stabilisation of the mobile prosthesis.
NSI offers this specific one stage implant to provide a simple and cost-effective solution to meet the needs of an adult patient who cannot undergo more extensive implant-prosthetic procedures for a variety of reasons.

Thanks to its minimally invasive surgical protocol, in fact, it is inserted with one bur only, a principle that has always been featured by all NSI implants, either one-stage or two-stage.

Another peculiarity of the one-piece fixture, in addition to being perfectly self-tapping with progressive bone expansion, is that of being able to easily bend in the cervical section, making it possible to adjust the abutment as needed.

This specific feature, jointly with the special design of the threads, makes it possible to exploit the most suitable bone structures for immediate load, such as the cortical bone, for sound and safe support.
All that without being constrained by the traditional “crest” position, on the contrary, allowing the masticatory loads to be distributed in multiple directions.

Produced in Ti°4 in 2 diameters (ø 3.2 and ø 4.1) ideal for both lower or upper arch, they are highly versatile depending on the bone density and thickness encountered, regardless of whether it is the upper or lower arch.

NSI guarantees direct support and the possibility to purchase a trial starter kit to test the quality of the products.