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Samdar Sami Abdulkareem
Libero professionista a Erbil (Kurdistan, Iraq)

MX Hybrid: perfect fusion with unprecedented characteristics


Samdar Sami Abdulkareem


In questo caso si è voluto evidenziare l'esigenza e i numerosi vantaggi nell'effettuare una riabilitazione completa dell'aracata superiore in siti edentuli e post-estrattivi, sfruttando le peculiarità uniche degli impianti monofasici, particolarmente indicati per il carico immediato.

NSI is ready to launch MX Hybrid, its new and revolutionary one-stage implant which is the evolution of an increasingly sophisticated logarithmic design for immediate loading.

It literally consists of a blend of the most functional features of Basal and Maxifix Compressive, two of the most efficient implants of the entire range of NSI one-stage implants.

The need to perform entry with a self-tapping coil to guarantee minimal invasiveness, characteristic of the Basal implants, and therefore to perform screwing that provides complete primary stability in low-density areas, such as that assured by Maxifix Compressive, have enabled us to develop a technologically refined and extremely versatile implant, suitable for narrow and distant regions with bone tissue scarcity.

Apex that cuts without causing trauma, maximum stabilization for the large central progressive coils (up to a diameter of Ø4.7mm) and the option of bending the long transmucosal neck up to 30° as required by the case: design with an eye to every detail.

MX Hybrid is particularly suited for upper arches where the narrow apex cuts into cortical regions with minimal invasiveness, self-tapping in the medullary areas to change shape taking advantage of the areas of non-homogeneous bone atrophy (such as that of the tuberal/pterygoid region) ensuring maximum stability for immediate loading.
Once the designated location is reached, the abutment can be tilted as necessary for prosthesization, completing its task.

The ability to take advantage of the bone structures, starting from the distal crestal region to the cortical bones of the nasal region, means the doctor is not forced to perform invasive maxillary sinus lifts, ensuring greater safety for the prostheticmasticatory load.
MX Hybrid by NSI is the one-stage implant capable of satisfying any need while maintaining high-quality functionality without sacrificing ease of management, thanks to the refined logarithms applied to the study of distal bones, the relevant coil and the distance covered.

To present the new entry in its catalog to doctors, NSI has organized an exclusive event on 3/4/5 September 2021 in partnership with Porsche. A rich program that offers a full Green immersion with the NSI Golf Cup 2021 and a series of activities (from the track test with Porsche’s Hybrids to the e-bike or horse and carriage tour immersed in nature in a fairytale setting like that of Lipica) that will create an unforgettable experience, also with time for an in-depth study of the MX Hybrid one-stage implant and the evolutionary strategy of NSI training that enables immediate loading for everyone in safety and all conditions.