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Samdar Sami Abdulkareem
Libero professionista a Erbil (Kurdistan, Iraq)

NSI: a new season for the Italian brand


Samdar Sami Abdulkareem


In questo caso si è voluto evidenziare l'esigenza e i numerosi vantaggi nell'effettuare una riabilitazione completa dell'aracata superiore in siti edentuli e post-estrattivi, sfruttando le peculiarità uniche degli impianti monofasici, particolarmente indicati per il carico immediato.

The rebranding operation that NSI has undertaken at the end of 2020 will offer some surprising activities in the last months of this year, which will be the overture for a completely new experience in the sector. The event that will introduce the next important steps of the company has been designed in detail so that nothing is left to chance. In fact it will be an opportunity for professionals who are passionate about Golf and Motors to spend some unforgettable moments in a very particular location.
We are talking about the 2021 NSI Golf Cup, a tournament that in its first edition will see a heterogeneous list of participants take to the field in Lipica, Slovenia.

“Golf is a sport capable of naturally highlighting the real abilities of the players: fair play, concentration, measure, far-sighted gaze. I think these are concepts that deeply affect our profession and it is not surprising that in our sector there are many professionals who are passionate about golf”, explained Nicola Santolamazza and Inga Izbas, “but we have organized various activities for this weekend, thanks to the partnership with Porsche and the Lipica Stables it will be possible to do a track test with the new Taycans and attend the historical show of the Lipizzan Horses, as well as a carriage or e-bike tour through the village and the park that surrounds it .”

This multi-experiential proposal will enrich the meeting dedicated to NSI’s new entry – the MX Hybrid. An implant with an original design, which unites in a self-tapping spiral, ideal for bicorticalism with immediate loading, two different steps with a complementary value capable of conforming to any clinical case on which intervention should be made, even in the absence of bone tissue. In addition, the theoretical and practical in-depth courses offered to affiliated doctors and the exclusive 3D Implant Surgical Guide software for monophasic will also be illustrated.