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Samdar Sami Abdulkareem
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Immediate load, guaranteed product and training: NSI at the service of top dentistry

a cura di NSI S.r.l.

Full-pack Kit Light

Maxifix Compressive P

Maxifix Compressive

NSI has always been committed to the design and production of high-quality products, in order to allow for immediate load clinical solutions in any situation, even the most extreme ones, by providing dentists with the Maxifix series of one-piece implants and Light two-stage implants, which only require one bur.

Simplified surgical protocol and immediate loading are the key concepts that have characterized NSI for more than 10 years. In fact, over the years NSI has developed an extremely simple FULL PACK system, where the same sterile blister provides implant, analog transfer, and abutment for both two-stage and one-stage implants, thus optimizing management costs.

The evolution of the Maxifix one-stage implant is noteworthy, including Maxifix Compressive and Basal which are inserted with one bur only and have the special feature of being able to bend the abutment in order to parallelize the prosthetic insertion. The concept of bending does not only take place to correct implant insertion but is the basis of strategic planning in order to make full use of stable bone structures such as cortical bone.

As a matter of fact, NSI has been inspired by the basic concepts of bicorticalism and immediate loading, from which implantology was born, and it has developed simple products that require only one bur to be inserted and can be bent in utter safety and confidence, thanks to the special patented construction design.

All one-stage implants come with a disposable prosthetic kit in order to immediately take the impression, apply a provisional implant, and complete the permanent one within 48/72 hours.

UDI label and related guarantees

NSI provides as a unique international guarantee NSI SMART LABEL, which sets out all the implant’s production data in a single QR code generated thanks to a system created by NSI, in order to be able to guarantee instantaneous traceability of any production step of the medical device for every implant inserted.
With 3 simple steps, while guaranteeing the patient’s privacy, the dentist automatically connects to the NSI warranty website and is able to provide their patient with a unique PDF certificate for the implanted medical device.
The UDI (Unique Device Identification) of NSI identifies the product and provides the patient with the unique warranty of the medical device implanted on them.
All these data are then encrypted by the cutting-edge international BLOCKCHAIN system and made virtually untouchable.
Hence the traceability of the medical device can be obtained but cannot be modified by anyone, thus guaranteeing to the patient the originality and lawfulness of the product.

Safety and reliability

In order to guarantee the reliability and functionality of its products, NSI provides open-source user instructions, demo videos, webinars, a schedule of theoretical-practical courses streamed on the Internet, including hands-on patient practice.
The essential principles of NSI’s philosophy are quality, simplicity, and solution concentrated in our motto Smile High from which our Smile High Academy derives.