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Samdar Sami Abdulkareem
Libero professionista a Erbil (Kurdistan, Iraq)


NSI: simple, safe and long-lasting solutions

a cura di NSI S.r.l.

A groundbreaking design and optimised management of immediate loading: this is the claim of NSI’s line of implants.

The evolution of the one-stage Maxifix-Maxifix Compressive and Basal implant is such that it offers the groundbreaking feature of being able to bend the abutment in order to insert the prosthesis in parallel.

Bending not only ensures that the implant is inserted correctly, but is also a key step in a strategic planning process that allows the stable structure of the cortical bones to be fully used. Moreover, the implant is inserted using a single bur.

Bicorticalism and immediate loading are the basic concepts of the classical Italian school of implantology that inspired the patented design of each NSI product, which bends in complete safety and with a 100% guarantee of success, having passed the tests of the Polytechnic University of Milan.

All one-stage implants come with a disposable prosthetic kit in order to immediately take the impression, apply a provisional implant and replace it with a permanent one within 48-72 hours.

Safety, minimal invasiveness, minimal chance of error: NSI has managed to create something that seemed impossible only a few years ago.

NSI: simple and safe solutions
that stand the test of time.