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Samdar Sami Abdulkareem
Libero professionista a Erbil (Kurdistan, Iraq)


NSI Smile High Academy

The evolution of training dedicated to Italian and foreign doctors in collaboration and under the sponsorship of the University of Caserta Luigi Vanvitelli and the Cardarelli hospital in Naples

The evolution of training dedicated to Italian and foreign doctors in collaboration and under the sponsorship of the University of Caserta Luigi Vanvitelli and the Cardarelli hospital in Naples

We know NSI as a manufacturer of highly performing implants, which guarantee minimal invasiveness during the application and are created to support the immediate loading without limits.

Today NSI, on the strength of its mission, is ready to offer dentists its know-how so that the guaranteed immediate loading becomes a practice within everyone’s reach. In this perspective, an important opportunity has arisen which makes training its raison d’etre: the Evolution Clinic Masterclass of NSI.

After years of experience in the field, we are aware – today more than ever – of the importance of offering doctors who want to work with us at a certain level, particularly in-depth training regarding the system and the philosophy of monophasic for immediate loading, in a serious way and with a real technical-scientific approach, like no other company has ever proposed until now. We ask the doctors who use our implants or who want to enter into this philosophy, an investment above all of the time dedicated to excellent training that gives tangible results immediately. This is our main objective, our added value”, explains Inga Izbas and Nicola Santolamazza, CEO and co-founder of NSI.

In fact, the program of courses proposed, accredited by ECM, is certainly noteworthy, both from the theoretical and practical side. It starts with a Lectio Magistralis on the main issues (anatomy of the jaws, anatomical limitations, nervous structures, and blood vessels, and fundamental landmarks for immediate loading) and then deepens the history of implantology, the advantages of monophasic implants, immediate loading, and knowledge of the peculiar characteristics of NSI implants.

The second part is dedicated to clinical cases that will be treated, with practice on cadavers for the demonstration of insertion and application of the basic principles for the application of the immediate loading.

The third phase aims at the consolidation of knowledge and will be performed directly on real patients, in live surgery. All the phases will be faced, from diagnosis to surgery, concluding with the stabilization of the immediate loading and relative provisional or definitive prosthesis: a complete process that leaves nothing in suspense! The Evolution Clinic Masterclass is therefore an intensive full-immersion lasting three days and welcomes between three and fifteen participants.

Reserved for a maximum of five groups, of three participants each, each of which will have the opportunity to insert implants with seven scheduled interventions, with seven implants for each candidate.

All phases will be coordinated and under the total supervision of the NSI surgical team composed of: a medical-surgical tutor, a surgical assistant, an NSI assistant, and a prosthetic dental technician assistant, who will follow the path of each participant for the entire duration of the masterclass.

Suitable for both beginners and experts, structured to offer an exhaustive overview of the subject both from a theoretical and practical point of view, NSI training is an experience worth investing in: ”We have taken care of every detail of teaching to create an evolved format, we wanted it to be a concrete response to the requests that were made in recent years by esteemed professionals who aspired to perfect their preparation and their technique. We are thrilled to be able to work with those dentists who want to get involved in a 360° upgrade, in a shorter time, with results that can be spent immediately and with an eye to the future”, underlines Nicola Santolamazza.