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Samdar Sami Abdulkareem
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NSI Smile High Academy: training of excellence in every respect

Inga Izbas and Nicola Santolamazza talk about the Evolution Clinic Masterclass for immediate loading

We met Inga Izbas and Nicola Santolamazza, CEO and co-founder of NSI and of the Lady Implant brand, to learn more about the training proposal they will be promoting from January 2022: the Evolution Clinic Masterclass, and the Master in Implantology of the Italian School in partnership with the University for Peace in Rome.

«For over ten years – explains Inga Izbas – NSI has been producing highly performing implants to support immediate loading without limits, with a guarantee of minimal invasiveness in the application, making its know-how available to the doctors it works with. The Evolution Clinic Masterclass is an important upgrade as regards the quality of the training that we will offer to professionals who want to work with us: a theoretical and practical program created to respond in depth to the key issues of monophasic implantology with immediate loading. Our goal is to contribute to the training of world-class professionals who know how to achieve excellent results in any circumstance.»

«Precisely for this – underlines Nicola Santolamazza – we have created this collaboration with the University for Peace in Rome, contributing to the training course to guarantee the best result, duly certified»

What are the strengths of the Evolution Clinic Masterclasses today?
«Surely the theoretical and practical introduction concerning the anatomy of the jaws, the limitations and the peculiarities of some areas, such as the pterygoid or the nasal spine: essential for deepening the knowledge of immediate loading», explains Inga Izbas.

How can a neophyte of implantology deal with the freehand insertion of a pterygoid implant?
«It is precisely for this reason – underlines Santolamazza – that we invite doctors to participate in the course: they will learn the fundamentals and the appropriate techniques to manage even the most delicate cases. In fact, the second part of the Masterclass will be held in the sector room with the possibility of working on a corpse for the insertion and application of the basic principles for immediate loading and which also responds to aesthetic needs, a detail that should not be underestimated; moreover, the third phase aims at the consolidation of knowledge and will be performed in live surgery.»

How do I access the Masterclass and the Master in Implantology of the Italian School?
«By contacting NSI directly via email, a degree and registration with the Order are required, of course, and if everything is in order we will send the documentation to proceed» replies Inga Izbas.
«The Masterclass – adds Santolamazza – is also open to fifth year students, or undergraduates, and to assistants and dental technicians who will be able to better understand the procedure regarding the preparation and assistance for immediate loading prostheses.»

What are the costs of the Evolution Clinic Masterclass?
«They vary according to the duration and the all-inclusive clause. In fact, with this formula the participants will be accompanied from their arrival at the airport and will receive maximum assistance with regard to transport, accommodation and food, test materials and NSI material to be used in their own studio. Remote or live post-course assistance on any consultations is also included, also via 3D surgical guide», explains Inga Izbas.
«It is – continues Nicola Santolamazza – a two-days full-immersion under the supervision of NSI’s Surgical Team composed of a medical-surgical tutor, a surgical assistant, an NSI assistant and a prosthetic dental technician assistant, who will follow each participant for the entire duration of the Masterclass.»

«We have created an evolved format, we wanted it to be a concrete response to the requests that were made in recent years by esteemed professionals who aspired to perfect their preparation and their technique. We are thrilled to be able to work with those dentists who want to get involved in a 360° upgrade, in a shorter time, with results that can be spent immediately and with an eye to the future», underlines Nicola Santolamazza.