Try immediate loading implantology according to NSI
with our STARTER KIT


We have prepared the Starter Kits to let you try our products in a convenient and elegant package with four implants of your choice and three tools for their application.

STARTER KIT: 4 implants of your choice +
set of 3 instruments
€ 600
BASIC Course€ 500
Total value€ 1.100
OFFER€ 800

You can choose four implants among the six monophasic and biphasic NSI models,
ideal for immediate loading, available in 16 diameters and 12 lengths.
NSI supplies every implant complete with a sterile disposable prosthetic kit.


The SMART BOX includes 16 implants of your choice and a universal surgical kit, and as a gift, the planning and realization of a clinical case with a 3D surgical guide.

SMART BOX: 16 implants + one universal or
surgical guide kit +
surgical guide
€ 2.700
ESSENTIAL Course€ 700
Total Value€ 3.400
OFFER€ 3.000

The SMART BOX is an ALL-INCLUSIVE solution for 2 FULL ARCH cases,
including dental assistance,
planning, and creation of the surgical guide.


The DELUXE BOX includes 23 implants of your choice, a universal surgical kit, and as a gift, the planning, and realization of a clinical case with a 3D surgical guide.

DELUXE BOX: 23 implants + universal kit +
1 free case with the surgical guide
€ 3.500
EXPERIENCE Course€ 900
Total Value€ 4.400
OFFER€ 4.000

An ALL-INCLUSIVE solution to have the complete range of NSI products at your disposal and address any case, from single implant to post-extraction, pterygoid or mandibular nerve bypass, in total safety thanks to dental assistance and planning of the surgical guide included

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