Production and quality, in addition to CE requirements

From the raw material to the finished, packaged product, every aspect of the production process is closely monitored, followed and subject to strict checks at every single stage. Random checks are performed using electroscopes and electron microscopes, meaning that even the tiniest of imperfections can be identified and quality standards can be maintained. As such, all NSI supplies have been certified by ICIM (Italian Certification Institute for Mechanics) with the code CE 0425, as per existing European legislation. Every NSI implant is protected by an insurance cover for up to a maximum value of €500,000.00. Download the mechanical testing’s document.


The decontamination and washing processes are carried out in controlled and sterile settings. Packaging takes place in an ISO 100.000 clean room and is followed by a treatment with BETA rays. The external part of the package consists of a container bearing all the product data and a red toning stamp that guarantees the irradiation to which the product was subjected. Inside, the blister, which is guaranteed against ageing and for the sealing grip, as required by the regulations in force, repeats the same information and stamp, and is marked with a barcode. The sterile glass phials, which are the housing for the implant and its titanium maunt, and the blister that contains them constitute a double protection against contaminating agents. In the package, there are two labels that the doctor will be able to append to the patient’s clinical record and to the NSI Implant Passport.


The precise, thorough procedures implemented at our establishment guarantee the total integrity of our products. Every process takes place in a controlled, aseptic environment, from decontamination and washing to packaging carried out in an ISO 5 cleanroom.


Authenticity is a fundamental principle and it is important for products to be protected. The implant market is a competitive one and NSI want to guarantee that their implants are original by filing patentsNSI’s ultimate professionalism shines through in their inventions and exclusivity, guaranteeing that their products are both completely innovative and unique and so able to compete with the big names in the industry. Innovation, simplicity and originality: NSI s.r.l.’s top three priorities for their certified and patented products.